Kolesnikov Team
is a group of people inspired by CrossFit, which has grown from an athletic team into a large community. The team launched a social project that aims not only to spread the idea of sports around the world but also to unite people who are passionate about sports, self-development, and an active lifestyle.
Kolesnikov Team is actively involved in social projects and develops the following areas:

  • Kolesnikov Team' athletes;
  • Kolesnikov Team Special Forces Project focuses on increasing the physical fitness level of Special Forces members;
  • Online workout programs;
  • Partnership with The Sport for Life Foundation;
  • Organization and partnership in competitions;
  • Sportswear store;
  • And more.
In the future, KT plans to open free outdoor gyms around the city, so people can exercise without spending a fortune.
INN: 7810939810
ORGN: 1227800017026
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